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South Sudan project

After Haiti and Tanzania, Aquaplus now turns to South Sudan, in Juba, where about 8000 farmers have moved around the city in search of safety from armed marauding gangs. Here, too, Aquaplus' goal is to develop sustainable and lasting agriculture starting from water. The Program is divided into 4 phases which foresee, right from the start, the involvement and training of the population.

The phases of the project:


Phase 1

Providing healthy water for food and sufficient for agricultural crops, is achieved with drinking water wells and with the collection from the Nile for irrigation purposes. The area's water supply system is managed by a local Committee.


Phase 2

Thanks to the collaboration between the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Milan, the Polytechnic Foundation, the local Catholic University of Juba and the South Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture, agronomists and teachers will be trained in order to educate farmers. to make the most of the potential of the soil.


Phase 3

It consists of the development of a Service Center that will help farmers in the cultivation and marketing of products with agricultural machinery and means for storage and processing. The management of this process is entrusted to the cooperatives of farmers who supply the raw material and who can therefore derive an economic benefit from it.


Phase 4

It involves the study and production of nutritional supplements for children based on a plant, the Moringa Oleifera, already used in the Aquaplus projects in Haiti and Tanzania, which also grows well and rapidly here, with its richness in vitamins and minerals. and proteins.
The integration of foods based on traditional flours, which here are those of maize, cassava and sorghum, with chopped Moringa Oleifera leaves, is foreseen, in order to give baby foods the nutritional properties defined by the WHO. Through awareness programs, these products are being introduced by Aquaplus to rural communities to mothers and pregnant women.

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